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Shizuma Amaki
Japanese name 天木静真
Romaji name Amaki Shizuma
Other names Boy in White
Age Unknown
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Occupation Unknown
Cause of death Unknown
Encountered in Chapter IV, Shrine of Dolls
Family Unknown
Appearances Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water
Voice actor (Jp) N/A
Voice actor (Eng) N/A
They'll come for me eventually, won't they? Someone will come... eventually... right?

—Shizuma Amaki

Shizuma Amaki is a male spirit who appears in Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. He resides in the Shrine of Dolls where he plays tag with Shiragiku and other children.


  • The name Shizuma means "quiet" (静) (shizu) and "reality, Buddhist sect" (真) (ma).
  • Shizuma's surname Amaki means "heaven" (天) (ama) and "tree" (木) (ki).