This article is for the stones used to enhance the Camera Obscura. For other uses see Spirit Stone (disambiguation)
Spirit Orb
Spirit orb1
Japanese name念珠
Romaji nameNenju
Item typeConsumable/Equipment
Description"...items used to raise the maximum levels of the camera's Basic Functions or Power-Up Lenses."
PurposeRaises power limit of Camera Obscura and lenses
LocationVarious locations, Randomly dropped by ghosts
AppearancesFatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

The Spirit Orbs, known in Japanese as Nenju (prayer bead), are consumable items exclusive to Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, used to increase the Camera Obscura's power and capabilities. They are small, clear spheres presumably imbued with spiritual power. When used, they increase the limit that the camera's basic functions or power-up lenses can be powered up.

Spirit orbs are found in various places throughout the village, however, they are also randomly dropped by defeated ghosts.


Use of spirit orbs can be done through the function upgrades section of the Camera Menu. A tutorial file details their use in powering up the Camera Obscura:

Spirit Orbs (file)Edit

"Spirit Orb are items used to raise the maximum levels of the camera's
Basic Functions or Power-Up Lenses.
Use a Spirit Orb from Function Upgrades on the Camera Menu to increase
the maximum level of a camera function or Power-Up Lens.
After adding a Spirit Orb to one of the camera's Basic Functions or
Power-Up Lenses, the player can raise its level by using the points they've
accumulated through capturing spirits."


  • Nenju is also the name for prayer beads and rosaries used by Buddhist monks.
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