Spirit Stone
FF spirit stone
Japanese name霊石
Romaji nameReiseki
Item typeConsumable
Description"Stone with hidden powers. Enables the camera's Auxiliary Functions."
PurposeAllows use of Bonus Functions (Auxiliary Functions)
LocationVarious locations, dropped by ghosts
AppearancesFatal Frame
This article is about the stones used in Fatal Frame. For other uses see Spirit Stone (disambiguation)

The Spirit Stones, Reiseki (spirit stone) in Japanese, are consumable items found in Fatal Frame. The stones are imbued with spiritual power that allows the player to use the Camera Obscura's Auxiliary Functions, including as Pressure, Slow and See. One spirit stone is consumed every time one of these functions are activated. Spirit stones are dropped by many ghosts and can be found scattered throughout the Himuro Mansion. The very first spirit stone is dropped by the ghost of Koji Ogata.

The item itself consists of a small, clear orb resting on a pillowed box. Fatal Frame's spirit stones are similar in design to the Spirit Orbs found in Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, however, both are used for distinctly different purposes.

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