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Spirit Stone Flashlight
Japanese name 霊石灯, れい せき とう
Romaji name
Item type Key item
Variants None
Appearances Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse
Fatal Frame V: Maiden of Black Water
Fatal Frame: Shadow Priestess

Spirit Stone Flashlights are a re-ocurring item in the Fatal Frame series. It functions as a standard flashlight, however due to the Spirit Stone inside of it, it can be used as a weapon to combat evil spirits.

Mask of the Lunar Eclipse[]

Choushiro's flashlight, The Spirit Stone Flashlight, doubles as a weapon against ghosts, and is an occult item developed by Dr. Kunihiko Asou. It uses concentrated bursts of light to exorcise ghosts.

Players are also given more control of the flashlight in Fatal Frame IV, as it can be directed vertically by moving the Wii-mote and horizontally by moving the nunchuk.

Maiden of Black Water[]

Ayane's Spirit Stone flashlight in Fatal Frame V.

The origins of the Spirit Stone Flashlight in Fatal Frame V are unknown. It is given to Ayane by the same nameless old woman who writes the script on her back that allows her to hide from ghosts.

Unlike Choushiro's flashlight, it cannot harm ghosts, but merely stuns them temporarily, permitting Ayane to sneak past. It cannot be upgraded, and uses no film. It is purple, matching Ayane's color theme.

Shadow Priestess[]

Another Spirit Stone Flashlight appears in the manga, Fatal Frame: Shadow Priestess. It belongs to Sara Washizuki, but like the other flashlights in the series, its history is unknown. Sara uses it to dispel illusions cast by the Necromancer in Chapter 21.


Upgrades and Equipment[]

Blue and red crystals are used to upgrade and strengthen the basic functions and lenses of this flashlight. The functions which can be upgraded are:

  • Power - Increases the maximum amount of power which you can gather for an attack. Can be upgraded three times.
  • Depth - Extends the range at which spirits can be captured, and increases damage according to proximity. Can be upgraded three times.
  • Charge - Speeds up recovery of your lunar charge. Can be upgraded three times.
  • Capacity - Increases the maximum spirit power. Can be upgraded twice.
  • Chain - Increases the amount of points received for chaining attacks. Can be upgraded three times.


  • 爆 - Blast
  • 絆 - Chain
  • 写 - Develop
  • 針 - Pierce


  • 囁 - Chime
  • 測 - Measure
  • 感 - Sense
  • 換 - Switch

Types of Shots[]

  • Close Shot
  • Max Shot
  • Boost Shot
  • Double Shot
  • Triple Shot
  • Just Kill
  • Overkill
  • Special Kill
  • Double Kill
  • Triple Kill
  • Escape Shot
  • Surprise Shot
  • Rorschach Shot

Capture Circle[]

the Capture Circle in Fatal Frame V.

The Flashlight's capture circle is unlike that of the Camera Obscura; it is a circular beam of light that resembles the moon. As the Flashlight gains charge, the circle expands and becomes more translucent.

In Fatal Frame V it acts more like the Camera Obscura than Choushiro's flashlight, it changes color to indicate the optimum moment to take a shot.