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Stone Mirror
FFIV Stone Mirror.png
Japanese name 鏡石
Romaji name Kyouseki
Item type Consumable
Description "A polished, mirror-like stone. A protective spirit dwells inside." (FF)
Purpose Revives player from death once
Location Various locations
Variants None
Appearances Fatal Frame
Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly
Fatal Frame III: The Tormented
Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

The Stone Mirror, otherwise known as Kyouseki (mirror stone), is an extraordinary item found throughout the Fatal Frame series. The stone mirror is the third of three recovery items, the other two being Herbal Medicine and Sacred Water. The item consists of a highly polished stone resting on a small cloth. According to in-game descriptions, the stone houses a protective spirit that gives the item its healing effect.

The stone mirror, when held by the player, revives the character automatically after all of their health is depleted. This can only be done once for every stone mirror, and only one can be held at a time. The potency of the stone mirror makes it one of the most valuable items in-game, and it is subsequently rarer than the other two restorative items. The stone is only activated when the player's health is depleted and cannot be used through the Menu Screen.


Fatal Frame[]

• Cherry Atrium

• Abyss

• Backyard

• Forest Path

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly[]

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented[]

  • Well Room (The Manor of Sleep 1F)
  • Spirit Tree Garden (The Manor of Sleep 1F)
  • Engraving Shrine (Shrine 2F)

    Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse[]


    The stone mirror, as it appears in the first three games.

    • The stone mirror, along with most other recurring items, received a slight change in design for the release of Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse. The old design consisted of a small polished stone resting on a folded purple cloth. The new design is, more or less, the same, however, the stone is noticeably more intricate and the whole design seems more bright and detailed.
    • Many cultures hold superstitions about mirrors. Many believe mirrors are able to reflect the soul, which could indicate why the stone mirror is given its abilities in-game.
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