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Tachibana House
Japanese name 立花家
Romaji name Tachibana ke
Other names N/A
Location(s) Minakami Village
Function Residence/Temporary home for Twin Shrine Maidens
Status Abandoned
Game Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

Fatal Frame II: Deep Crimson Butterfly

The Tachibana House was one of the houses of Minakami Village. It was connected to the Kiryu House via the Heaven Bridge and Earth Bridge. This house temporarily housed twins who were undergoing purification before participating in the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual as well as the Tachibana family itself, including twins Itsuki and Mutsuki and their little sister Chitose.


  • Mutsuki Tachibana
  • Itsuki Tachibana
  • Chitose Tachibana
  • Twin Shrine Maidens

Ghosts Encountered[]

  • Chitose Tachibana - hostile ghost, attacks multiple times before dropping the Bell Key.
  • Sae Kurosawa - chases Mio around the house at the start of Chapter 7.
  • Minakami Villagers - appear and attack if the main door is opened from the inside.



  • Clock Hall (Clock Room)
  • Deluxe Tatami Room (Grand Tatami Room)
  • Entrance (Entranceway)
  • Hallway of Contrasts (Corridor of Contrasts)
  • Large Storeroom
  • Projector Room
  • Regular Tatami Room (Superior Tatami Room)
  • Room with Tatami (Tatami Room)
  • Sliding Screen Room (Shoji Room)
  • Staircase-Hallway (Stairway)
  • Tatami-Room Hallway (Tatami Room - Corridor)
  • Twins' Room


  • Itsuki's Room
  • Raised Tatami Room
  • Row of Tatami Rooms-E (Linked Tatami Rooms - E)
  • Row of Tatami Rooms-N (Linked Tatami Rooms - N)
  • Row of Tatami Rooms-S (Linked Tatami Rooms - S)
  • Row of Tatami Rooms-W (Linked Tatami Rooms - W)
  • Sliding Screen Room (Shoji Room)
  • Staircase Hallway (Stairway)
  • Stairway Room (Landing)