"The Remaining such as ourselves, who are allowed to live, must live... for the sake of the village."

Ryokan to Yae Kurosawa.

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The Remaining is the twin left alive after completing the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual in Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly. The Remaining is meant to stay in All God's Village to protect the village from Earth. It is uncertain as to why the villagers seem to fear the Remaining. Furthermore, inside of the tree near the hill to Kureha Shrine, there is somewhat of a shrine of countless red pinwheels and white candles that is meant to honor those Remaining who have died.

It has been recorded that, for some of the Remaining, the traumatic emotional stress of killing their twin causes their hair to turn white overnight. An example of a Remaining which this happened to is Itsuki Tachibana.

Known Remainings[edit | edit source]

Known Remainings of Minakami Village and their fate:

  • Ryokan Kurosawa - Ceremony Master
  • Akane Kiryu - went mad/was possessed
  • Tsuzuri Osaka - presumably succumbed to the Tattooed Curse
  • Itsuki Tachibana - committed suicide
  • Mio Amakura - Alive
  • Trapped Girl (from the Spirit List) - went mad and was confined in the Storehouse attic
  • Kureha - conducts the Shadow Festival, she was a remaining from birth because her twin was deceased from birth.

Possible Physical Features[edit | edit source]


Butterfly Bruise If their ritual is successful, a Remaining will bear a butterfly shaped bruise upon their neck. This bruise is an imprint of the mark they inflicted upon their twin while strangling them. Not all remainings will have this bruise on their necks, as in the case of Itsuki Tachibana, whose ritual failed. The bruise is a sign of the twins having become one, the thoughts and pain of the sacrifice flowing into the Remaining.


White Hair White hair is a trait a Remaining may or may not have. It is not exclusive to gender (i.e. both male and female Remaining may have it) and does not depend on the failure or success of a ritual. A possible explanation is that the white hair is a physical response due to the severe emotional trauma of the ritual and the overwhelming sense of guilt for killing their sibling.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When speaking to his daughter Yae concerning the ritual, Ryokan calls her a Remaining, even though she has yet to complete the ritual.

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