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Tokitada Kyuki
Hidden warrior.png
Japanese name 九鬼 時定
Romaji name Kyuki Tokitada
Other names Armored Warrior
Age 40-50s
Hair color Grey (aging)
Eye color Unknown
Occupation Samurai
Cause of death Suicide (Seppuku)
Encountered in Abyss
Family None
Appearances Fatal Frame
Voice actor (Jp) Unknown
Voice actor (Eng) Unknown


"I had a strange dream last night. A man dressed in armor was talking to me: Break the mirror..."

—Kirie Himuro's writing about Kyuki in her diary

Tokitada Kyuki is a hostile male spirit in Fatal Frame. He was a samurai that attended the Himuro Mansion, throughout a strangling ritual that preceded Kirie Himuro's by 40 years.


In 1797 he visited Himuro Mansion and fell in love with one of the previous Rope Shrine Maidens, and as the ceremony was about to begin he tried to stop one of the priest but failed to do so. He then killed himself. His spirit appeared to Kirie Himuro in a dream and he told her that breaking the mirror would let her see her lover again, he hoped breaking the mirror would let the maiden he loved back into this world.

He still roams the Himuro Mansion, perhaps looking for the maiden he loved.

His soul was vanquished by Miku Hinasaki in 1986 at the Abyss shortly before the end of the Calamity. He presumably was set free with the other souls of the mansion after the Rope Curse was broken and Kirie redeemed.


Tokitada appears behind Miku.

The Armored Warrior can only be encountred during the Final Night, inclusively on Fatal Diffculty. Basically, he is an enhanced version of the Himuro Family Master - he is more agressive and faster. He can not be pushed back, even if the player gives him a critical shot. The safest method is shooting him continuously with 74 and 90-type films, even if the camera isn't charged to the maximum.


  • The name Tokitada means "time, hour" (時) (toki) and "determine, establish" (定) (tada).
  • Tokitada's surname Kyuki means "nine" (九) (kyu) and "demon, ogre" (鬼) (ki).


  • He is only seen in the Xbox version of Fatal Frame and can be encountered only on Fatal difficulty.