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Tsumugi Katashina
FFV Image 104.jpg
Japanese name 片品紡
Romaji name Katashina Tsumugi
Age Possibly 12
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Occupation Student (Formerly)
Status Alive
Family Unknown parents
Unnamed older sister
Appearances Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water
Voice actor (JPN) Natsumi Takamori
Voice actor (ENG) Sarah Pitard

Tsumugi Katashina is a female character that appears in some bonus episodes of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water.


She is not good with people and hates herself. Unlike her older half-sister (paternally), who was raised with love and kindness, she was neglected by her family and has a complex because of it. Then, she heads to Mt. Hikami after failed suicide attempts, where she is spirited away. Later, Ayane goes in search of her.

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water[]

Tsugumi is first found sitting on a cliff and looking down at the water but Ayane stops her and gives her a bracelet then she looks back to find Ayane disappeared. Later she tries to drown herself but is quickly saved by Ayane. They both escapes Hikami mountain. Ayane takes her home but stops and tells Tsumugi that she understands how it feels to be neglected but her elder sister cares for her and that she is worried about her. Ayane tells that she is a strong person before Ayane leaves Tsumugi tells that she'll return home and be a strong person Ayane smiles at her when Tsumugi looks up from the ground to see that Ayane has left and Tsumugi smiles.


Tsumugi is a pretty young girl in her early teens. Tsumugi skin is paler than Ayane. she has chin length black hair and black eyes. She wears a gray colour dress with short sleeves underneath she is wearing a black tank-top. She wears a bandage around her neck and another bandage on her right arm. She is wearing medium length heels. Later she is wearing a bracelet on her right arm given to her by Ayane.


Tsumugi is a kind girl. She dosen't like to talk about her past. She also seems to be naive. She believes that she is unwanted by her parents and feels as if she is a burden to them. She believes that if she dies everything is going to be alright. She later begins to respect and admire Ayane. Later Ayane tells her that her elder sister loves her which makes her smile. She begins to see Ayane as a sister figure and begins to love her biological sister. Later she and Ayane make a promise together that Tsumugi will return home and will meet together which makes her smile and tells Ayane that she will become a strong person.


  • The name Tsumugi means "spinning" (紡).
  • Tsumugi's surname Katashina means "leaflet" (片) (kata) and "goods" (品) (shina).


  • Tsumugi later begins to see Ayane as an older sister figure.



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