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Tsuzuri and Musubi Osaka
Japanese name 逢坂 綴
逢坂 結
Romaji name Osaka Tsuzuri
Osaka Musubi
Other names N/A
Age Unknown
Hair color Black
Eye color Pale
Occupation Twin Shrine Maidens
Cause of death Tattooed Curse (Tsuzuri)
Crimson Sacrifice Ritual (Musubi)
Encountered in Manor of Sleep, Minakami Village
Family Osaka family
Appearances Zero 3 Anthology Comic: Crimson Dream

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented

Voice actor (Jp) N/A
Voice actor (Eng) N/A
Musubi's suffering is being transferred to me, and her thoughts as well.

—Tsuzuri Osaka

Tsuzuri and Musubi Osaka are female twin ghosts who appear in Fatal Frame III: The Tormented. They also appear in the comic, "Crimson Dream", which is part of the Zero 3 Anthology Comic.  They are one of the earliest known Twin Shrine Maidens.

Crimson Dream[]

Tsuzuri and Musubi were born in the Osaka House. During their childhood, they only had each other because the other villagers left them alone. This was out of respect and fear, but the twins didn't know why.  This also made the Osaka twins very close. From a young age, the twins shared a unique ability to share the pain of others. When one of the twins fell and injured her leg, the other received a similar injury to her own leg.

When the Osaka twins reached adolesence, they began to wonder why the Crimson Butterflies flew through the town and why the villagers treated them differently from others. One day, Musubi told a villager named Kiichi Murakami that he had feelings for him, but he said in response, "Being associated with one with a twin is something I can't do!" Tsuzuri had feelings for him as well, but kept her feelings to herself. From this experience, the twins realized that they were special. It was forbidden to associate with anyone outside of their group. But in the end they had each other.

When they were old enough, they were transferred to the twin houses (Kiryu House and Tachibana House) in preparation for the ceremony.  When it was time for the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual, they were led into the corridor leading to the Hellish Abyss. Once they arrived they were told the truth behind the ritual. The twins were puzzled before this revelation, finally agreeing that it was their destiny. While Mutsubi was strangled, her pain and thoughts were relayed to Tsuzuri. The ceremony ended in success, as Tsuzuri and Musubi's bond was strong. After the ritual, Tsuzuri's hair turned white, just like that of Itsuki’s.

Tsuzuri became depressed by the guilt that she felt inside of her for the strangling of Musubi. Tsuzuri is assumed to have died from the Tattoo Curse and for that reason both her and her sister’s spirits live in the Manor of Sleep.


They both have long black hair complete with bangs. After the ritual, Tsuzuri's hair turns white. They both wear lightly colored kimonos with a butterfly-shaped knot at the obi, as do many Twin Shrine Maidens have.


  • The name Tsuzuri means "to spell, bind, write" (綴).
  • The name Musubi means "tie, bind" (結).
  • Their surname Osaka means "meeting" (逢) (ou) and "slope, hill" (坂) (saka).


  • The Osaka Twins' story takes place before Sae and Yae's.
  • Kei Amakura finds them during Hour V of Fatal Frame III.
  • Tsuzuri and Musubi's names are never mentioned in Fatal Frame III. Their names are only mentioned in the Zero 3 Anthology Comic.