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Type-37 Film
Japanese name 三七式 フィルム
Romaji name San-shichi firumu
Item type Consumable
Description Regular film. It has fairly strong exrocismal power.
Purpose Film used for the Camera Obscura
Location Various Locations
Variants Type-07, Type-14, Type-61, Type-74, Type-90, Type-Zero
Appearances Fatal Frame

Type-37 Film, in Japanese San-shichishiki firumu (three-seven type film), is a film that can be loaded into the Camera Obscura. This film type only appears only in Fatal Frame and is the second weakest film type, above Type-07 Film. Type-37 film is equivalent in exorcismal power to the Type-61 Film found in the three other games of the series. It also shares the same appearance as type-61 film, except with the number 37 in place of 61. As it comparatively weak among the other film types it is more commonly found around the Himuro Mansion and comes in larger numbers.


Fatal Frame[]


  • All the images of the film types have the words "12 sheets" printed on them to indicate how much film is contained. Despite this, the amount of film picked up is never constantly 12 sheets but varies as the difficulty increases.
  • The words "Made in Germany" also appear on the image of the film types.
  • It is not clear whether to read the film's name as type "thirty-seven" or type "three-seven," however, the Japanese name seems to suggest the latter, as the characters for "three" and "seven" (三 and 七) are used rather than the characters for the number "thirty-seven" (三十七).

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