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Type-74 Film
Japanese name七四式 フィルム
Romaji nameShichi-yonshiki firumu
Item typeConsumable
DescriptionHigh-speed film. It has very strong exorcismal power. (FF)
PurposeFilm used for the Camera Obscura
LocationVarious Locations
VariantsType-07, Type-14, Type-37, Type-61, Type-90, Type-Zero
AppearancesFatal Frame

Type-74 Film, known in Japanese as Shichci-yonshiki firumu (seven-four type film), is one of the many film types used with the Camera Obscura to fight spirits. Various types of film exist, each with its own strength, weakness, and measure of rarity. Type-74 film is described as having strong exorcismal power against ghosts as well as a short reloading time. As it is such a valuable film type, few can be found in the environment and even fewer as the difficulty setting is increased.

Type-74 Film only appears in Fatal Frame. It is the second strongest film type, behind Type-90 Film. In later games it is replaced by type-90 film entirely, lending its red color and decorations.


  • All the images of the film types have the words "12 sheets" printed on them to indicate how much film is contained. Despite this, the amount of film picked up is never constantly 12 sheets but varies as the difficulty increases.
  • The words "Made in Germany" also appear on the image of the film types.
  • It is not clear whether to read the film's name as type "seventy-four" or type "seven-four," however, the Japanese name seems to suggest the latter, as the characters for "seven" and "four" (七 and 四) are used rather than the characters for the number "seventy-four" (七十四).

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