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Type-90 Film
FFIV Film type 90.png
Japanese name 九〇式 フィルム
Romaji name Kyū-zeroshiki firumu
Item type Consumable
Description Good film. Has high exorcismal power, and loads fast (FFII)
Purpose Film used for the Camera Obscura
Location Various locations
Variants Type-07, Type-37, Type-61, Type-74, Type-14, Type-Zero
Appearances Fatal Frame
Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly
Fatal Frame III: The Tormented
Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse
Fatal FrameV: Maiden of Black Water

Type-90 Film, or Kyū-zeroshiki firumu (nine-zero type film) in Japanese, is a film type that can be used with Camera Obscura to take spiritual photographs. It is one of the newest and strongest films available, but is typically found less frequently.

Type-90 film...
Fatal Frame's type-90 film
in Fatal Frame
Fatal Frame II and III's type-90 film
in Fatal Frame II and Fatal Frame III

Type-90 film was first introduced in Fatal Frame as the strongest film type available, however, it was reduced to second strongest in all subsequent games, below Type-Zero Film. Its brown and gold-colored appearance was also transferred to type-zero film, and it later adopted the red color of Type-74 Film for later games.


Fatal Frame[]

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly[]

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented[]

  • Tatami Loft (The Manor of Sleep 2F)
  • Book Storeroom (The Manor of Sleep 3F)
  • Attic Room (Shrine 3F)
  • Engraving Shrine (Shrine 1F)

    Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse[]

  • Director's Office (Bookshelf)

    Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water[]

    Starting from Chapter Four onward, 12 shots of Type-90 will be Pre-Loaded into the Camera Obscura. It can rarely be found in the stage in groupings of six. It's worth noting that using Ren's Rapid shot will consume four shots of Type-90.


    • The image of the film types were re-done for the release of Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse. The newer image retains the same color and name, however, it has been cleaned up and now features the cloud and moon designs seen in the game's surroundings.
    • All the images of the film types have the words "12 sheets" printed on them to indicate how much film is contained. Despite this, the amount of film picked up is never constantly 12 sheets but varies as the difficulty increases.
    • The words "Made in Germany" also appear on the image of the film types.
    • It is not clear whether to read the film's name as type "ninety" or type "nine-zero," however, the Japanese name seems to suggest the latter, as the characters for "nine" and "zero" (九 and 〇) are used rather than the characters for the number "ninety" (九十).

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