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Japanese name "わたし"
Romaji name "Watashi"
Other names Woman in Wheelchair
Age None
Hair color Unknown
Eye color Unknown
Occupation Doll
Cause of death None
Encountered in Rougetsu Hall: Moonflower Garden, Room 311
Family Kageri Sendou (owner)
Appearances Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse
Voice actor (Jp) None
Voice actor (Eng) None

Watashi (わたし, literally "I") is a hostile female spirit in Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse. Watashi was Kageri Sendou's doll and playmate, made to look like Kageri's deceased twin sister, Kaoru Sendou. Kageri was never able to overcome her grief at the loss of her sister, who died in an accident, and so she poured all her emotion and attention to Watashi, pushing it around in a red wheelchair and taking it on daily walks around the island. Kageri's obsession with the doll was so strong that in death it continued to exist alongside her as a ghost.


Watashi, like her "sister", wears a dour-looking dress with black lace around her arms and feathery accents, all of black color. Unlike her "sister" she has no hat and the bottom half of her dress is ripped to shreds. Her skin, particularly her face, shows signs of cracking paint, much like those found on the mannequins within Room 311. Except for the lack of eyes, she can easily be mistaken for a human, as Ruka Minazuki does upon seeing her for the first time.


In battle, Watashi is a particularly disturbing opponent. Like most ghosts she floats, disappears, and reappears around the player, however, when she begins to attack she approaches in a zombie-like manner, resembling a living doll. When closing in on the player, she will suddenly move very quickly making it hard to escape without damage.

There are two battles that include Watashi:

  • The first occurs in the Moonflower Garden and includes both Kageri and Watashi. This fight is made doubly challenging as Watashi cannot be damaged or pushed away. Although the camera senses and takes shutter chances and fatal frames, they have no effect on Watashi and she simply continues to attack. Focus should, instead be shifted to Kageri in order to end the battle.
  • The second encounter occurs in Kageri's room, Room 311, wherein Watashi is fought alone and can be damaged. She retains the same patterns as in the previous fight.

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  • "Watashi" (わたし) can be translated to mean "I" or "me", perhaps signifying Kageri's deep personal attachment. The meaning can also be extended to include "personal", "secrecy", or "selfishness".
  • The relationship between Kageri and Watashi mirrors that between Akane Kiryu and the Azami doll.