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Woman in Black
Japanese name 黒い服の女 (Woman in Black)
魔夜 (Maya)
Romaji name Woman in Black
Other names Maya
Other Maya
Age 15 (Jap.)
18 (Eng.)
Hair color White
Eye color Red
Occupation Vessel
Cause of death Never Alive
Encountered in The Last Door
Family Maya (Other personality)
Appearances Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir
Voice actor (Jp) Aya Hisakawa
Voice actor (Eng) Samie Detzer

The Woman in Black is a powerful hostile female spirit and the main antagonist in Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir. She was shut inside the diary, behind a door, and cuts up the faces of those who become trapped inside the house in the diary.


She has white hair and red eyes, and wears a long black dress with red markings and vines and leaves entangled around it. 


She was never actually alive. Maya kept a diary to amuse herself in which she would write to her, and eventually this brought the ghost into existence. When the spirit was summoned to inhabit the Vessel during the Tokoyomi Ritual, Maya lost consciousness, and the other Maya awoke. Consumed by darkness, she was left with all Maya's memories, while Maya woke in the Old House remembering nothing but her name.

The Woman in Black was left within the darkness to bear the other girl's "burden" all alone. She began luring people into the diary those she thought were Maya, and when they tried to escape, she would mutilate their faces as hers had been mutilated in the ritual, always waiting for the other half of her to return and complete her.

Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir[]

Knowing that reuniting with the Woman in Black is the only way to stop the curse, Maya urges the player to help her save the other Maya. She is then taken into the darkness by the Woman in Black, who then serves as the final boss of the game. In the first phase of the fight, she sends villagers to attack the player. During the second phase, she attacks alongside Maya, the two taking turns attacking the player. As this happens, Maya begs for the player's help.

In the ending, Maya consoles the Woman in Black, reassuring her that it is all over and that she won't leave her again. She then tells her that she will seal off their world so that they can be together forever, and the doors swing shut.

Misc. Info[]

  • Her real name is Maya. Unlike the Maya who appears to the player in the real world, whose name is written 眞 for "Ma", meaning "truth" or "reality", this Maya's "Ma" character is 魔, meaning "evil" or "demon".