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The Womb Cave is a location in Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. It is located under the Shrine of Dolls, sealed with a locked lattice.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Womb Cave is described as a lava cave, filled and flowing with water from the mountain. Its systems are complex and winding, and is mostly flooded, needing special equipment to explore fully.

According to the in-game material, the Womb Cave was considered a very sacred place, with access restricted to all but a select few, other entrances sealed off with sacred rope. This is due to the rituals practiced at the Shrine of Dolls, which involved human sacrifice. The Womb Cave was where the remains of these rituals were interred (likely for the Pillars). Given that reliquaries used to hold pillars of the mountain are there in great number, it is plain to see just how long and prevalent the practice was.

When Mt. Hikami was being renovated into a tourist destination, a tunnel was being built under the mountain. Named the Hikami Tunnel, this was supposed to be a route through the mountain- however, the workers hit a large body of water in the Womb Cave, which prompted a massive flood that killed all the workers on the job.

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