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Yuu Asou
Yuu Asou.jpg
Japanese name 麻生 優雨
Romaji name Asou Yuu
Other names Beckoning Yuu, Disappearing Yuu
Age 24
Hair color Black
Eye color Unknown
Occupation Aspiring folklorist
Cause of death Car crash
Encountered in Hall w/ Tatami, Shrine courtyard, Barred hallway
Family Dr. Kunihiko Asou (ancestor)
Rei Kurosawa (fiancée)
Misaki Asou (unknown relation)
Appearances Fatal Frame III: The Tormented
Voice actor (Jp) [[Takaya Kuroda]]
Voice actor (Eng) JD Cullum
When you die, then I’ll be gone forever. As long as you go on living, a part of me will continue to live on.

—Yuu to Rei Kurosawa

Yuu Asou is a male character and non-hostile spirit in Fatal Frame III: The Tormented. He is the fiancé of Rei Kurosawa, the main protagonist in the game.

An aspiring folklorist, Yuu researched many aspects of the occult and the spiritual traditions all over the region, working with his friends Kei Amakura and Mafuyu Hinasaki. He, Rei and Mafuyu's sister, Miku, lived together in Rei's home.

Yuu was killed in a car crash caused by Rei's careless driving, leaving Rei as the sole survivor and feeling remorse for what happened. After his death, however, Rei began seeing Yuu in her dreams, leading her further into the Manor of Sleep and deeper into its mystery.


Rei sees Yuu after his death.

Yuu acts as a guide for Rei, leaving a trail that she might follow to free the souls trapped in the Manor of Sleep by the Tattooed Curse. His past research into folklore and the occult also contributes to the truth behind the disaster that occurred in the old manor.


At the end of her search, Rei meets Yuu one final time as he is about to cross to the other side. This time, however, Rei intends to remain by Yuu's side, just as he had been with her. Though he understands Rei's feelings, Yuu decides that he must go alone and that Rei must proceed to live. Before they part, Yuu absorbs the Snake and Holly Tattoo that tormented Rei, and tells her that as long as she continues to live, part of him will live on as well. 麻生 優雨


  • The name Yuu means "gentle" (優) (yu) and "rain" (雨) (u).
  • Yuu's surname Asou means "hemp" (麻) (a) and "life, living" (生) (sou).


  • Yuu's name put together with Rei's alludes to the Japanese word for ghost, "yūrei" (幽霊).
  • After the disapperance of Junsei Takamine, he along with Kei and Mafuyu went to search for him.