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Zero 4D is a 3D interactive movie attraction used in amusement parks. Based on Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, the attraction first premiered on July 15, 2004 and released on July 17 of the same year.

Plot Edit

It begins with Mio and Mayu at a riverside, chatting about their promises and fade out in black screen for a little while. The next scene's location is occured in "All God's Village", Mio and Mayu are seen running into the village and encounter a mob of villagers who seemed to be looking for Sae and Yae. Mio and Mayu stands still until the mob noticed them. They get cornered by mobs at both front and behind and they only got to hide inside one of the houses. Mio and Mayu walk forth the hall and they notice a flying Crimson Butterfly above them. Mio breaks the floor which causes her to slip in it and she couldn't stand for the moment. Mayu walks away, following the Crimson Butterfly, leaving Mio at her back. Mio repeatedly calls her name and fade out in black screen again. Mio is seen walking at a staircase and walks in at the Kiryu twins. She slowly walks to them and Akane sways her neck as the doll she possesed in. Mio backs away because of being frightened but she continues in searching around. She finds a child behind a hung kimono and the child turns around and attack Mio until she encounters another. She becomes very scared and begins to be chased by Sae Kurosawa. She becomes cornered and breaks down the door where she and Mayu entered at first. Mio runs down the village saw swarms Crimson Butterflies flying in a direction leading to the Kurosawa House. Mio chases the direction of the butterflies and she finds the butterflies going into the well. She peeps, only to be pushed down in it by two Mourners. Mio lands by the Abyss and sees Mayu and groups of Veiled Priests waiting for her. Mio runs to Mayu and hugs her but Mayu becomes surprised for seeing the Kusabi in front of them. Mio pulls back her sister and become cornered by the Hellish Abyss. The Kusabi comes nearer and Mayu pushes her sister away. Two mourners walk in and throw Mayu into the abyss. Mio becomes surprised and looks down the abyss to look for her sister but only realizes that her sister became a butterfly. Mio was left with the Kusabi and Mio's fate was unkown.

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